How to meditate with a smartphone ?

Photo How to meditate with a smartphone ?

Today, there are many people who practice meditation. But for many, it is still a vague principle, in which it is difficult to embark. Although meditating has only positive effects as evidenced by Prem Rawat. In addition to bringing well-being and a feeling of fulness, meditation is also a great way to achieve inner peace.

And inner peace is, as Prem Rawat always said, an essential value human need to live with. If meditation is therefore not your cup of tea, you may be able to change your mind with its applications.

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Little Bamboo: the most complete

Launched in 2015 by two French people, Petit Bambou is certainly the most famous application in France. Today, it has more than two million users, all seduced by the short stories on offer. They all stage metaphors, like that of the bubble, which explain the main principles of meditation. Like many, it has a particularly complete free option.

And for all those who would like to take it to the next level, it offers 550 guided meditations and personalized exercises on various themes: taking a step back, attention, letting go ... As a bonus, there is something for everyone, even for the younger. Count € 4.99 per month for a year to obtain the full version.

Mind: the most practical

With its sleek design and ultra-fast exercises, Mind is primarily aimed at a young and urban audience. Like all applications available on the market, it has its own completely free initiation program. It consists of seven sessions of ten minutes each and will teach you to let go everywhere, all the time. If you are seduced, you can take the next step by paying € 6.99 per month.

A subscription which gives access to special programs focused on very targeted problems: stress, public transport, sleep ... Each session has its problem to be treated.

Mindfulness: the most customizable

Here, seven categories of meditation are proposed according to the moods of each user. Each exercise lasts between three and thirty minutes, it all depends on the time you wish to devote to this activity. The most of Mindfulness? It is fully customizable. In addition to being able to define the duration of the session, you can also choose the soundscapes (beach, forest, stream, etc.).

We like it for its reminder function, which alerts us when it is (high) time to take time. Only downside, the initiation program lasts only five days and only a few demo sessions are completely free. To take full advantage of the app, you will need to pay € 9.99 per month.

Namatata: the most educational

With its pop colors, Namatata is the ideal application to start meditation on the right foot. On the program, 23 programs and numerous individual sessions allow you to discover this activity step by step.

It is certainly the most educational of all the apps available today, and that is certainly why its initiation course is so much appreciated. Ditto for its tab dedicated to sleep which offers various visualizations to fall more quickly into the arms of Morpheus.